The Harmony Room

Hong Kong Holistic Therapies

Beautiful Treatments

When I do my treatments, I aim to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit.  I am not into “beauty therapy” unless you are talking about the complete beauty of the person.  Not just face value.

Treatments are done in my lovely little retreat, and only one client at a time so it is very relaxing and private, no busy phone lines, no doors opening and closing and no gossip to overhear at the pedicure station,and no toxic fumes from the nail bar.



the beautiful art of blending essential oils to make a blend that is suited to the individuals needs then combined with massage to enhance absorption of the essential oils and relax the muscles. Once in the bloodstream the oils can go about their business of helping ease what ever ails you.

Massage & consultation to find the most suitable oils for you:

Aromatherapy massage can be used to help with symptoms of such things as sinusitis, PMT, back and muscle aches, jet lag, insomnia, stress, depression, insomnia, colds & flu, hangover, sunburn and much more!

30 mins          $250

60 mins          $500

90 mins          $700

Aromatherapy private consultation for specific purpose:

(without massage treatment)

If you are looking for a something  to help with a specific issue ie: skin problem, PMT/period paid, immune boosting etc we can sit and talk through a full consultation and work together to find the best combination of oils.

60 mins $1200.00

Includes 2 custom-made products with essential oils, for example 1 x cleanser, 1 x lotion for your skin type.  Choice of products vary according to your needs.

Aroma Therapy Bowl of Flowers

Nature Made Skin Care

Facials using products that are as close to nature as possible but still give great results for your skin. No parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemical byproducts or other nasties.

Green tea, organic wild honey, french clays, herbs and fruit extracts, exotic oils like Argan, Pomegranate, Rosehip, Marula and Camelia are used to make a facial like no other.  All ingredients are selected to suit your specific skin type.

As essential oils are used, you get to help choose which ones will be best for you.  I believe that if you naturally don’t like the smell of an oil or are drawn to a particular one then it is best to go with your instinct.  There is nothing worse than have something close to you that you don’t like the smell of.  It has an enormous effect on the outcome of your treatment.

60 mins            $500

90 mins            $700     (includes a feet treat foot spa, scrub and leg/foot massage)

Hot Stone Massage

Beautiful, warm, comforting and works the muscles on a deeper level, combined with relaxing strokes of Swedish Massage and incorporates appropriate essential oils and hot towels.

30 mins          $250

60 mins          $500

90 mins          $700


Crystal Therapy/Chakra Balancing – Subtle but powerful and something we all need from time to time. Combined with a gentle Rieki energy.  Great for those times when you just feel “out of sync” or “just not quite right” but can’t explain why you feel like it.  Sometimes you just need a bit of rebalancing.  Especially great if you are going thru or have been thru a unsettling period of time or change.

30 mins          $250


Bamboo Massage Just amazing, a very old technique of really getting to the muscles deeply and very relaxing.  This is  combined with Swedish massage strokes, and warm oils to get full benefits

30 mins          $250

60 mins          $500

90 mins          $700

Sea Shell Massage  A unique and very relaxing, like a little journey, beautiful when combined with a facial or back massage. Also used with gentle massage strokes and warm oils.

30 mins          $250

60 mins          $500

Indian Head Massage – wonderful for stress relief, tight muscles in neck and shoulders.  Nice on its own or combined with another treatment. This is done in an upright position sitting in a chair.

30 mins $250MP900437318[1]

Reiki An ancient Japanese form of energy healing, very gentle and relaxing, can be done as a single treatment or combined with another. 

30 mins           $250

Please note that I don’t diagnose disease and illness. Aromatherapy is not meant to take the place of any treatment or medical advice given by your physician or any medicine you may be taking. Nor do I promise cures to any disease or condition.


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